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Thread: Excam TA-38 Deringer

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    Excam TA-38 Deringer

    So, i just picked up a little .38 special O/U-SA Derringer made by Excam i beleive made in the late 80's early 90's. The thing i liked about it was the all steel barrel, not inserted cast. I believe the body is alloy, but has a solid feel to it. took it home, cleaned and oiled it. It function check well, and 1/2 cocks nice and positive, doesnt look like it as used much, just a little external wear. Trigger pull is a bit heavy, but i'm ok with that, could be smoothed up easily without reducing the pull pretty easily. Locks up nice and solid, o am happy with it
    - I have heard mixed reviews about these little two shooters, some really like them, some think they are junk. I personally feel it needs to be utilized properly and it will be just fine. People have reported they go off if dropped, and indeed if it was not placed on half-cocked then i can see that as a real posibility. I have really gone through this little gun, and how it could ever go off if half-cocked is beyond me. I intend to carry it as a backup to my Ruger Vaquero, or if i simply need a easily hidden mini CC. I understand it's limitations 100% - and it's role will take heed to that. I hope to fire it at the range soon so I can see how far it shoots with any accuracy -lol- yes, i know, it's a Derringer.

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    You know, I think thats awesome! Sometimes its ok to buy something just because its cool!
    OH NO!!! I cant seem to think of anything "funny" and/or "wise" to put in my forum signature...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! lol

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