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Thread: What the heck is wrong with Pittsburgh?

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    What the heck is wrong with Pittsburgh?

    OK, so like it's NOT bad enough that three Pittsburg PD officers jump and brutally beat a geeky music school student because they think the Mountain Dew bottle in his coat pocket is a gun this past January...

    But now that the Magistrate has decided to drop the criminal charges of "prowling" and other charges the PDP made against this kid--because they were FUNDAMENTALLY BASELESS--the Pittsburgh PD is threatening to have widespread occurrences of "Blue Flu" to protest, saying that the "courts have failed them"...
    Failed them? WTF?

    Failed to support their perjurious testimonies? Failed to condone their racist profiling? Failed to uphold their long-standing program of brutality, excessive force, and institutionalized deception and cover-ups?

    Pittsburgh PD needs to STOP watching the Maryland Police Training Videos, and start studying their OATHS and the LAW.

    What is going on in the Steel City? Are they TRYING to intentionally provoke race riots and civil unrest? Is the Pittsburgh PD TRYING to rekindle the spirit of Philadelphia, Watts, and Chicago from the 1960's? Are they TRYING to whip the people up into such a frenzy of fear, oppression, and disgust that they lay down their peaceful protest signs ans start melting vats of tar and tearing open pillows?

    I think the whole G20 thing went to their heads a little in the Pittsburgh PD, and they think that they can now act like fascist-state thuggish Sturmabteilung as SOP...

    Sounds like Pittsburgh may be a good destination for some future large-scale OC rallies...
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