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Thread: Western Tidewater area members?

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    Western Tidewater area members?

    Asking today at the picnic about getting a look at the membership roster to see who our fellow VCDL folks are in my area, I found it may as well be CLASSIFIED info, and not available for viewing by mere mortals (or anyone else, apparently). So, I was advised to post on here if anyone wants to ID themselves as members who live in the Western Tidewater area, by which I mean Franklin, Isle of Wight, Surry, Southampton, Sussex. As a relatively new guy to this organization and VCDL, it would be good to know who are my neighbors on this website, by call-sign only, of course. I'm from IOW Co, Ivor area. I'd like to recruit more folks from the area to help us promote the protection and expansion of our 2A rights.

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    We have had people from Ivor and surrounding areas attend Tidewater dinners both on the peninsula and southside.

    You can search on members:

    The old forum was a bit nicer for searching location but you can type in the surrounding towns and create a list that way. I personally think there may be many inactive or at least non-posting members so the list may not be that much help. Posting in the VA thread is probably best.

    So wait and see if people reply or PM you. You can always host a OC dinner in your area and if people can make it they will let you know.

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    Membership List

    While I appreciate your desire to find and interact with other VCDL members, it would be a breach of trust to our members to start disclosing their names and locations unless they consent to such disclosure. I'm sure that you harbor no ill intentions but it would be improper for us to provide such a list.

    Even though there is (somewhere) a list of all the members and their addresses, the list of names likely isn't sorted by region, but rather, alphabetically. Even if the members consented to having their names/locations disclosed, the VCDL would not necessarily have a list of members sorted by area.

    Such a list possibly could be generated by zip code to provide the information in which you have an interest but I don't think anyone has ever asked.

    It is incumbant on the VCDL to respect member's privacy, so.... in a sense the list IS confidential. Not in a smug or condesending way, but in deference to our member's right to privacy. I'm sure that you can appreciate that.

    Please note that I am not an official spokesman for the VCDL, so, the post here is only my opinion. It is only my opinion so it may or may not be considered valid by the BOD.
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    HI!! If your in IOw your closer to Zuni than you are Ivor. Im a regular at Firearms sales in Ivor (when in in country anyway).

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    I live in Carrollton. Been a member here for a while and a VCDL Volunteer for the past few years. Many people here know me IRL. Send me a PM.

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    I'm in southern IOW, work in Courtland and all over Southampton County.
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