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Thread: Good encounter at the Kitsap Transfer Station

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    Good encounter at the Kitsap Transfer Station

    While at the "dump" and tossing out the recyclables, a very young boy there with his family saw my XD and in a very loud and distinct voice said "Hey, you have a gun". LOL With a big grin, I replied "Yep, I sure do." Then his dad said "That's so he can protect himself" to which I added, "and my family." Then he and I almost simultaneously said "and anyone else around me" to which he added "he would protect us if someone wanted to do bad things to us."

    Made me smile.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for sharing this; we all apprecitate hearing about the positive encounters. I am happy to hear that at least some folks do "get it!"
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    Your encounter plays out in my minds eye like one of those 1980's afterschool public announcement commercials. All you needed was to end it with a "Only you can prevent forest fires!" quotes or something to make it even more perfect. LOL, Too bad this wasn't a regular experience.

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