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Thread: What do you carry?

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    What do you carry?

    Hey folks.
    Well, we never really get to be too light hearted around here, or even just BS for a bit, its always some new incredulous action by the State or some harassment by antis.

    I don't think theres been one of these threads in a while, but here goes.
    What do you guys carry while UOCing?

    What kind of:
    Voice recorder
    Video recorder
    ID, light, multitool, misc?

    I've bought about 4 different voice recorders now, for UOC and for recording lectures, but none of them really have been adequate, had I saved my money I probably could have just bought one outstanding expensive one.

    Voice recorder- Panasonic RR US551 (performs 'meh', but after some things happened I NEVER go anywhere without it)

    Video recorder- My Motorola Droid (not that I ever really have time or opportunity to get it out if theres an LEO encounter)

    Firearm- CZ 52, Charter Arms Undercover, Sig 226, or on occasion a Glock 20. (don't harsh me on the CZ, it was my first gun, still near and dear to my heart in spite of its shortcomings)

    Holster- Fobus Paddle, or Galco Miami Classic (don't judge me.), Blackhawk Serpa, some old leather for revolver.

    Ammunition- Oh-so-variable.

    Knife- After 2 broken multitools and an INCREDIBLY dissapointing Buck Hunter, I've just about given up and am waiting to torture a Spyderco Delica 4.

    ID- Only while driving or when I have to, which often cramps my style if I leave my wallet in the car and have to run out of a shop to go get it.

    Flashlight- No tactical lights here, not that I don't want a Surefire E2D, but I just don't have use for one while I'm out.

    Misc- A good lawyers card and common sense.
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    What kind of:

    Voice recorder - None

    Video recorder - Cell phone with app (live broadcast and archiving over the internet. They can't delete what's not on the phone)

    Firearm - Glock 19, 9x19mm. XS Big Dot tritium night sights installed.

    Holster - Currently a Safariland ALS 6378, soon to be a Raven Concealment Phantom OWB that will allow me to carry my Glock with the TLR-1s taclight attached.

    Ammunition - Winchester PDX1 Bonded JHP, 124gr +P. Successor to the Ranger series and a throwback to the old Talons. Current issue of the FBI.

    Knife - Spyderco Endura 4 G10

    ID, light, multitool, misc? - No ID while carrying. No handheld taclight currently, the one that I was carrying is not functional at the moment. Will have the TLR-1 on the weapon soon when the new holster arrives next month. I know that's not a substitute for a handheld light, so I will be replacing the non functional light when funds allow.
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    normally carry a Glock 20 w/ Blackhawk Serpa

    sometimes a Colt Combat Delta Elite (10mm) w/ Galco leather

    Cor Bon 135gr JHP

    Sony px720 voice recorder

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    Another 10mm man, I like that.

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    What kind of:
    Voice recorder Sony px-820
    Video recorder none
    Firearm Ruger gp-100 .357 magnum
    Holster Uncle Mike's #3
    Ammunition Winchester JHP
    Knife any folding blade
    ID, light, multitool, misc? 2 or 3 cell mini-mag and wallet with id (not that i will necessarily show it)

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