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Thread: Tags: a brief vBulletin lesson

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    Lightbulb Tags: a brief vBulletin lesson

    Reading through a new thread here in the Virginia forum today, it occurred to me that we don't use a very handy vBulletin feature nearly as often as we should be.

    vBulletin has "Tags". You can associate a key-word or short phrase with a thread, which will allow someone to easily find that and other threads that share a common theme.

    Today's thread was about Open Carrying for someone between the age of 18 and 21, an area of common confusion, given the number of laws that use those ages as boundaries for applicability.

    I "tagged" the thread in question with the tag: "18-21". So, as we create new threads or even go back through and re-read old threads that pertain to this same subject, at the bottom of the page of messages there is a Tag area, I believe anyone can add a tag.

    If we all do this, and we pick and use smart, concise tag names, after a while it will be easier than ever to find posts and threads pertinent to the subject at hand.

    In addition, when you view the list of threads in a particular forum, you will see that threads with tags have this little icon beside them: If you "hover" your mouse over that image in the list, the tags associated with the thread are displayed in a "tool tip".

    Here's where you can find the "Tag cloud", a list of the most-used tags so far. If you click on one of them, you will see how it works.


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    After several tries to find old entries on Burke Lake Park picnics (turns out they weren't labeled as such) I tagged this year's. I'll go back and tag the older ones. I'm not a huge fan of tags, but they are certainly handy for certain items, and I plan to make use of them.

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