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Thread: PAX and Carrying

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    PAX and Carrying

    Hey all,

    I did a search on the interwebz but my google fu is lacking. Does anyone know if we can carry (OC or CC) at the Washington State Convention Center? I'm planning on attending PAX in September and their FAQ says don't bring anything that can be "mistaken for a real weapon" so I'm guessing OC is out, but they don't mention CC or permit holders. Any one know the answer?

    Thanks in advance.

    -SGT John V.

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    Fellow PAX attendee! Ive been to PAX and sakuracon and a few other cons there and im fairly certain the center is "gun free". Though that never stopped me. :P

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    I'm planning on attending PAX as well. I would like to know if the "gun free zone" is a policy or a law. I'm thinking it must jus tbe a policy because I don't see anything in the RCWs about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintJacque View Post
    I'm planning on attending PAX as well. I would like to know if the "gun free zone" is a policy or a law. I'm thinking it must jus tbe a policy because I don't see anything in the RCWs about it.
    SJ, See the FAQ and RCW concerning this.

    (see RCW 9.41.060 on Exceptions)...Localities may also prohibit the carrying of handguns in the stadiums and convention centers that they operate, however they MUST exempt those who possess a concealed pistol license.
    The RCW clearly exempts CPL holders from restrictions at convention centers.
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    I've carried both OC and CC in years past and have yet to have a problem. There were 3-4 SPD officers last year that I stopped and talked to, they were very polite and we discussed the then pending parks issue from Mr. Nickels.

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    It's not unlawful as long as you have a CPL. Just carry discreetly concealed and no one will know.

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    see you there, Paratrooper! I carried concealed there in '08 and '09. It's downtown Seattle, the convention runs late every night, and I'll be darned if I'm going to drive or bus home without protection.
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    Went to PAX last year and did some research before going as well.

    The WSCTC is a public building that can not ban the carry of firearms.

    However PAX is a private event that requires a pass. A pass that they could revoke if they decide someone is violating their policies.

    I concealed last year. Will do so again this year.

    Edit: Was very glad I was carrying last year as my group and I were riding the bus back and forth from our hotel and on one night, metro police had 3 individuals proned out at gunpoint at the bus stop. They cited and released 2 who immediatly hopped onto the same bus as myself.

    They tried to start **** with a few riders. Never with me.

    I was sure glad I was carrying though.
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