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Thread: USPSA - US Practical Shooting Association

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    USPSA - US Practical Shooting Association

    Anyone on here participate in US Practical Shooting Association? I have not, but would like to get involved. I have researched and found the closest USPSA range to me is Fredricksburg. How do you get started in this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.

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    Fredericksburg USPSA has its own website.

    Additionally another Nova Club has a website.

    The Virginia Maryland Section page is

    To answer the question, yes I compete in USPSA, and might be able to help. PM me with any questions and will be glad to help.

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    Just show up!

    I've only shot one uspsa steel match. It was by accident! The schedule had been changed and I thought I was heading to an IDPA match.

    If you've never shot any competition there are plenty of people who will help you out.
    To make things even better, there is a range is Sandston, maybe 10 minutes from you that has IDPA shoots every Wednesday, and USPSA I think every other week on saturday.

    I will be going tomorrow. If you want to come it would be great. It starts at 2:30 and runs till 7pm. Best to get there as early as possible. Round count is approx. 50. I'd bring at least 75 since it is your first shoot. You should have a cover garment of some type. A fishing vest or even an unbuttoned outer shirt. Its not that big a deal since it is your first time. Bring whatever gear you have and people will loan you whatever you need. Since it is your first time everyone will be very helpful.

    If that doesn't work, click here and click directions on right column

    Check your PMs for my cell number.
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    I would love to try my hand at USPSA... but I think the closest range for me is the Fairfax rod and gun club.. (woodbridge)

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