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Thread: Daily News (NC) - North Carolina law enforcement community OK with open carry

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    Daily News (NC) - North Carolina law enforcement community OK with open carry


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    Maj. Donnie Worrell with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office Investigative Division said he would not want to see the open carry law change in North Carolina.

    “I’m for open carry because if I walk up on you I can openly see that you have a weapon,” Worrell said. “From a law enforcement aspect you’re not a threat to me at that point; I’m going to be more on my toes.”

    While some people argue that a person carrying a weapon in plain sight could become a target for those planning to commit a crime, Fitzpatrick said it is much more likely a would-be criminal would have a change of heart upon seeing someone with a gun.

    “People have a tendency not to want a conflict, so if they’re coming in to do a robbery, if they see somebody in there that has a firearm, they’re going to think twice about going into that place,” Fitzpatrick said.

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    Interesting article. I'm surprised that some of the comments I read were pro 2nd Amendment, but not necessarily OC friendly. For whatever reason, most people seem to think that OC is primarily for an ego boost.

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    i have to agree. Joseph Parent made himself sound like a *******, “I just don’t do it very often for fear of uneducated people coming up and questioning me.” really nice thing for an "instructor" to say, i WILL NOT EVER use him for getting my ccp.

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    I hope more LEO think good things about OCers because most of your OCers know more about the law than your averege persons and r more likly to help LEOS then regulor people would

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