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Thread: Open carry at Home Depot asked what kind of piece are you carrying?

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    Open carry at Home Depot asked what kind of piece are you carrying?

    Made a purchased at Home Depot in Pahrump. A clerk noticed my firearm with a quick glance, followed by a friendly are you ready to check out? After paying and as I started to walk away with no one else in line the young lady asked in a friendly tone, what kind of piece was a I carrying. I told her and she followed that up with, do you have a CCW. Because of the tone and friendliness, it did not appear to be one of those probing questions to convenience herself I was legal. Therefore, I answered her, yes I do. Turns out, she also is a CCW holder and I had received my last CCW renewal from the same instructor here in Pahrump. She was a very good-looking young lady I say a 9, after finding out she was a CCW holder automatically moved her up to a 10 in my book with room to go to an 11 if I was to ever see her open carrying. However, I have to say my wife is a 32. Yep, putting up with me for 32 years makes her the best. I told the clerk about and told her if she ever thought about open carrying it as a great place to get info with postings on who is open carry friendly. She said she would check it out.

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    Hey, hook me up with the young lady! I'm over the hill in Vegas, but I don't mind making the drive for someone like her!

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