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Thread: Informing CA residents about AZ OCing

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    Cool Informing CA residents about AZ OCing

    To this day it still amazes me how uninformed people are of their 2nd amendment right. On saturday I was riding my cruiser home from the bank while OCing like I always do. A LEO pulled up right next to me and noticed my firearm on my right hip. It was clear that she was running my plates. I kept riding home as usual. About a mile from my home I noticed a white car looking at me and the officer. I pulled into my driveway and i notice that the white vehicle followed me home aswell. The driver called me over and asked why the LEO didnt pull me over because I was OCing. I explained the basic AZ gun laws and he was very surprised of how much freedom we enjoy in this state. He and his wife mentioned that they were going to get informed on our laws and eventually OC themselves. Not to my surprise they were CA resident moving to PHX. Its always a good day when I can spread the word on OCing.

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    Great Job!!

    Its always good when we can inform the subjects of the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia of how freedom works.

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