If you can get what you want at Guitar Center instead of Sam Ash, do it. I was just going in for guitar strings the other day, and as usual, played some guitars while I was in there. After spending an hour or so in Guitar Center, getting ready to leave, an employee asked me about OC, saying he had moved from Florida, considered OCing himself, etc. I talked to him for a couple of minutes, looked around some more, and left to go over to Sam Ash.

As I'm walking up to Sam Ash, about ten feet away from the door, I see it: "No Weapons Allowed." So I turn around, go put my handgun in my truck, and go into Sam Ash, none too happy. I didn't say anything while I was there, since it's not on the employees, but I'm intending to do some research to determine whether or not it's corporate policy or up to the local manager, and go from there. Obviously, I've no intent to shop at Sam Ash anymore.