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Thread: Newbie here on the north Oregon coast - positive encounter... sort of

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    Thumbs up Newbie here on the north Oregon coast - positive encounter... sort of

    Been lurking here and on other forums for a while. While I have experience with firearms (Air National Guard + hunting with dad), never owned any firearms myself.

    Got my dad's weapons handed down and started researching the web for open/concealed rules & laws.
    This site has been a great help, thanks to everyone here.

    Got my CHL fairly quickly with no problems, mainly so I don't have to worry about city boundaries and having to unload/reload all the time.

    Anyway, been OCing for comfort with a Baretta 92FS 9mm in a Serpa, mostly to get used to the weight & feel. Got a few looks in stores, but no approaches either good or bad.

    On my 3rd time in the Warrenton Fred Meyer, shopping for about 1/2 hour, I had the store manager approach me.
    He was great! Friendly & easy going, just wanted to inform me that several people in the store had reported me to him. I informed him that I was legal, but would leave if he wanted. He replied that he knew it was legal and that he did not have any problems with OC in the store, just wanted to give me a heads up in case I was approached by another customer or employee.


    The good: great encounter with a friendly, knowledgeable manager.
    The bad: multiple members of the public freaking out over nothing.

    The ugly: until approached and talking to the manager my 13 year old daughter had no clue that I had my 9mm OC on my belt. Goooood situational awareness there Cris.
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    Awesome man! Keep up the OC.

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    Cool, no problem with that type of encounter

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    I would consider that a +1 incident.

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