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Thread: one moment away from no choice

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    one moment away from no choice

    i was call out to tow a car in gary in.when i got there i stepped out of my truck and someone came from around a van pulled a knife he was about 6 to 8 feet away it was dark and he didn't see my ruger on my side until he was looking down the barrel of it.i yelled at him one more step and i'll shoot.he froze [think god].dropped the knife.when i got a better look at him it was just a kid about 16 to 19.i called the police when i was on the phone he ran off [with his pants wet i think].the leo's got the knife.i know the law said i could have but i'm glad it worked out that way i didn't have too

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    Congrats on defending yourself. I think you came up with a case for carrying a gun on both hips, other than the whole weight distribution thing. You picked a rough place to work. Hopefully this was a one-time thing. Just to give more reason to OC, how much closer do you thing the thug would've gotten had you been CC'ing and had to draw from concealment. Adds 1, maybe 2 seconds, but at 6-8 feet away even 1/2 seconds count.

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    Great outcome in my book. You stopped the threat period. Hopefully the would be robber gets scared straight (doubt it) but here's hoping.

    I also agree on the draw speed. It could have been a entirely different outcome had you been fumbling to pull your shirt up.

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