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Thread: How often do you Open Carry

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    How often do you Open Carry

    Just that. How often do you tend to Open Carry?

    I tend to Open Carry 2 or 3 times a week, generally when running errands and such. The poll answers will be publicly viewable

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    My average trips are to and from work, and work doesn't facilitate open carry. Therefore I am limited to carrying when running errands or going out, which ends up being 2-3 times a week.

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    Ditto here.

    Can't carry at work (both against policy and not very practical) so I just leave the pistola locked in my vehicle on weekdays. When I'm on my own time, however, I OC wherever I go unless prohibited (Downtown). Pretty much all the time on the weekends when I'm not working, but I will OC if I have to go into a gas station or grocery shop during the week. So while I don't OC every day, I do a little more than the 2-3 times I checked.

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    Really just depends on what I'm doing that day...

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    Every day, everywhere I go. If OC is not allowed, I leave it in the car. But I OC in my car EVERYWHERE (castle doctrine) and even in my own yard having fun or doing chores. All of my friends consider it normal and don't even bat an eye now. Some are even considering it for themselves. Many don't yet because I have encouraged them to do it AFTER some training including marksmanship, weapon maintenance, proper draw techniques, legal use of deadly force, etc. It is a big responsibility and I train almost every day including watching training vids on the law, UNloaded practice drawing, loading (empty mags), reloading (same). I even practice in the utter darkness at night, drawing, loading, reloading, teardown and rebuild including doing all of the above one-handed with each hand. The good news is that I will likely never need any of these skills I just like maximizing my preparedness.

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