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Thread: Email to congressman Mollohan on OC

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    Email to congressman Mollohan on OC

    So I emailed Congressman Mollohan today for some clerification on some issues about OC. I touched on what would be considered open carry in a vehicle, asked if just on a passenger seat is ok, or a dash mounted holster. I also talked about how undefined the regulations in this state really are. i suggested that we adopt the system that alot of neighboring states have by distribution of a trifold pamphlet or small handbook containing a more defined description of what is expected of us when open carrying our firearms. I hope i get a response from him, but i think it would be a really good idea for all of you guys and gals to maybe send a similair email, or an email containing your own questions on the issue. here is a link to his page, on this page is a link to send a message to Congressman mollohans email. remember , the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

    Michael Binegar, Morgantown WV.

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    You should direct that type of correspondence to the state attorney general or your state senators & delegates rather than your U.S. congreesman. These are all state law issues.

    Also, when it comes to federal law issues, you would be wasting your time with a lame duck congressman (Mollohan lost his primary election in May) whose political career is over.
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