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Thread: CPL course near Waterford/Pontiac area?

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    CPL course near Waterford/Pontiac area?

    Any of you know anyone who teaches the course and isn't trying to get rich off of it? I saw a sign in the Waterford PD building when I went for some purchase permits for 170 bucks, thought was a bit steep, or am I just a cheap bastard?

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    I paid $90 for mine. It met the legal requirements. The shooting portion was pretty good. While it wasn't OC "friendly", per se, neither the instructor, nor the police officer teaching the legal portion of the course condemned it. I took the class before I knew much about Michigan's firearms laws, so I didn't raise many questions, as I would now. I'll have to look around to find the guy's name. Peters, or something like that... It was a way north of Pontiac, though.

    Bill Peters
    4747 Hough Rd
    Dryden, MI 48428

    I used a discount I got through the gentleman I bought my Hi-Point from. The discount was 20 or 30 bucks. I used the Hi-Point for my class. Bill was rather impressed with it's functionality and shootability.
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    Go to genos guns and tools at 4716 w walton blvd Waterford Mi 248-674-8665 you can ask for chris

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