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Thread: Capital Bank in Raleigh "Posted No Firearms"

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    Capital Bank in Raleigh "Posted No Firearms"

    I was terribly disappointed today to see that Capital Bank has posted "no firearms" signs. Because of horrible service, uncaring and inept tellers and managers at my last three banks I was tipped off concerning the outstanding service at Capital Bank by several other merchants.

    Due to the fact I carry large sums of cash ($40,000 to $60,000 to and from three bank branches twice a day I need convenient locations which Capital has. As a small businessman I simply cannot afford the exorbitant costs associated with armored car services such as Brinks. Anyone have any tips before I approach the people at Capital Bank? Thanks!

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    Anyone have any tips before I approach the people at Capital Bank?
    Since you have "CC" in your screen name it might be worth reminding you that concealed carry in banks is against the law in NC.

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    Can't CC in a bank but you can OC.. But the bank policy wont allow that. Ask them what they recommend as security procedures if you can't OC in their bank.

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    Hee, hee. Not a serious suggestion, but I would be tempted to remind the manager that with a reserve ratio better than 6-1, my $40K deposit translates into better than $240K in loanable money from which the bank can earn interest.

    And, that if I get robbed on my way into the bank, they get neither the cash, nor the opportunity to use the money.

    Then, I would just smile knowingly and ask the manager if he wouldn't rather be able to continue his little fractional reserve banking fraud with my $40K every week.
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