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Thread: Victim of Mob Attack Defends Self with Gun [Video]

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    Victim of Mob Attack Defends Self with Gun [Video]

    This is from brazil. From what I hear in certain places in Brazil mobs of people or children will surround someone, attack them & rob them, sometimes killing them. The reason for this attack is unknown, but the victim pulls out a pistol and probably saves his own life.

    Firing at the crowd was probably overboard though.
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    Draw time took forever

    Other than that I'm calling this a win.

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    the dude obviously didn't want to share his pesos.

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    Ya, draw time was horrible.
    Seemed like the attack was over when he pulled it. Nice to see he did!

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    From what I could see it seems that the attack was stopped by the guy's refusal to be robbed. The "mob" could have swarmed him and put him on the ground and out of it if they had been determined to. But look at the lower left corner and the single guy stopping the second rider - no real violence offered against him either.

    My take is that like many others the motorcyclist was just plain fed up with the BS these folks inflict into his daily life and wanted to encourage them to remember to leave him alone from then on. The shots all seemed to be aimed over their heads to encourage them to keep going, not to stop/kill anyone.

    Other parts of the video show the cops arriving as a baricade is being erected, and the ruffians dragging away tires without the cops beating on them. From other sources I hear that Brazil has in many places completely collapsed but this video seems to suggest that full-blown anarchy has not yet taken root.

    What can we take away from this? That refusing to be a victim starts with mindset and attitude. Using a firearm may not be required to prevent you from being mobbed and robbed - but it would be better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    stay safe.

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