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Thread: Self Defense Shows

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    Self Defense Shows

    Spike TV coming up this Saturday 07/24/2010 has a few new shows coming on, there is not much information on them but the titles look intriguing.
    I have not been able to find much about these shows but I will be recording to view them for their content.

    What if? 9:00 AM PST Examining dangerous scenarios that could have turned out differently with the right training and preparations.

    Because Lives Depend On It. 9:30 AM PST Law enforcement and safety experts explore and discuss tactics that apply to everyday life.

    Practical Tactical. 10:00 AM PST Self Defense experts demonstrate techniques to help people survive dangerous scenarios.

    Concealed Carry School. 10:30 AM PST Victims of crime take a "conceal and carry" class at a Texas weaponry school

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    Thanks for the heads up. It starts 8am locally. I'll tune in while doing breakfast.

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