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Thread: Victory in Georgetown

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    Victory in Georgetown

    Finally---finally our tyrannical sheriff took down the "no weapons" sign! If you recall, I pressed the issue, with the sheriff--didn't get anywhere, pressed the issue with the judge executive--he said it's not his building, it's the sheriff's. Went back to the the sheriff, and finally went back to the judge executive and told him basically, "Look, this is a county building in which it is your jurisdiction, not only that but the fiscal court is the local entity that may regulate firearms in public buildings. You need to address this issue with your sheriff."

    The judge exec said he didn't exactly know what was right/legal that he would forward my request to the county attorney and would do whatever the attorney advised him to do. Apparently the attorney told them to take it down because it is no longer on the door!

    I'm tired of the "good ole boy" political environment in Georgetown. It's time to get rid of the politicians who think they're entitled to their office and can do whatever they want with it.

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    Don't Forget

    You can file a Writ of Mandamus with the Circuit Court and the judge can order the Sheriff or any other public official to obey the law.

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