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Thread: anyone shoot in Orange County/Unionville, VA?

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    anyone shoot in Orange County/Unionville, VA?

    A friend invited me down to his place for a BBQ.. he knows I am a "gun" guy and said for me to bring a bunch of guns that we can shoot on his land. Handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc. I can't find any Orange County ordinance or anything crazy to rule against it and am trying to do my due diligence... Anyone know if I missed something?



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    I live in Unionville/Orange County, have my own informal range on my property, the only thing that is going to happen when you start shooting here is that the neighbors will come out and start shooting on their property.
    No, there is no county ordinance that I have been able to find that would keep you from shooting on your property or somebody else's property if you have permission. Have fun while you are in BFE.
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    You should be GTG in Orange County.

    It was one of the places I was considering moving to before coming to Louisa.

    I researched the MuniCodes before looking for a home there.

    The main regs on shooting have to do with setting up a public range.
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