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Thread: OC saves a life...

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    OC saves a life...

    Standing in a bow shop in Ownesboro ky last weekend, a young man with a wild look in his eyes and a gun tucked into the front of his shorts came into the bow shop. He pushed the door open hard and wide, caught all of our attention. He put his hand on the handle of the weapon as his eyes focused on the room... It was bright out side, and kinda dark inside... out of 7 of us there, 5 of us were OC carring... some of us multiple weapons. We were all within easy "oh crap" distance for him as his eyes begin to focus and register what was actually in the room. Owner politely asked if he could help him... he said no he was just looking, stood there for about 15 seconds looking around the room, and went right back out! Seeing that many weapons on law abiding citizens, probably saved his life.

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    Thumbs up Good Guys right place right time

    Chaulk one up for our side. it is pretty clear this was a bad situation about to happen
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