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Thread: Vacation in Arizona encounter.

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    Vacation in Arizona encounter.

    I posted the encounter in the AZ forum. Link >

    Its a long read, but if your bored, haha.

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    That just goes to show how uneducated and ignorant people are, Sounds like you tried to educate them but some times you just cant fix stupid.

    Just glad nothing bad happened

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    I am afraid a teenager with a gun will always get attention no matter how legal it is. For me many of the 20 somethings look like 18 year olds. When the clowns said they would not check to see what the legal carry age is really proved what brain dead clowns they are. I am willing to bet they did check the law later. If so I doubt if they saw you later they would have said anything unless the area was posted.

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    All I can say is sorry...
    Freedom is a bit like sex, when your getting it you take it for granted, when you're not you want it bad, other people get mad at you for having it and others want to take it away from you so only they have it.

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