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Thread: Candidate mis-steps

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    Candidate mis-steps

    Last Updated: July 23. 2010 3:52PM
    Henry Payne
    The sheriff shoots himself in the foot
    Henry Payne / The Michigan
    Just as GOP governor candidate Mike Bouchard was re-inventing himself as a courageous reformer for a Michigan right-to-work law, his apparent attempt to rewrite history on racial quotas in a Detroit News interview has re-opened an old wound with the GOP conservative base.
    Bouchard answered "supports" to a Detroit News query published Thursday about whether he backed the "affirmative action ban." The question was in reference to the 2006 Michigan Civil Rights Initiative that banned racial preferences in state hiring and passed in a popular landslide with a huge majority of Republican voters.
    Bouchard, however -- in keeping with his historically cautious style -- opposed the measure as a U.S. Senate candidate. Other high-profile GOP moderates like Dick DeVos and Rick Snyder also ran for the tall grass at the time -- a retreat that ultimately victorious conservatives have never forgotten.

    It's "one thing (that) bugs me about Mike," writes conservative Michigan commentator and Oakland University Professor Chris Kobus. "What saddened me the most at that time was when the Republican establishment took the politically correct route and came out against the MCRI. Among the establishment politicians that came out against was one Mike Bouchard."
    In contrast, GOP candidate -- and MCRI opponent -- Rick Snyder answered the same Detroit News question with: "Opposes, but will uphold voter decision."
    Bouchard's vote was all but forgotten this campaign, especially in recent days as Bouchard turned right in support of boldly taking on the state's unions and transforming Michigan's reputation as a right-to-work state. One figure that has not forgotten Bouchard's MCRI opposition, however, is Jennifer Gratz who has spearheaded the anti-race quota campaign since she sued the University of Michigan for its discriminatory admissions policy. Gratz was threatened, slurred, and even had a knife pulled on her as she battled the state's race mob in her fight for colorblind state hiring and admissions.
    Gratz supports Mike Cox -- a fearless supporter of MCRI -- in the governor's race and she was quick to pounce on Bouchard's flip-flop. "Bouchard opposed (MCRI)," wrote Gratz in an e-mail. "In fact, MCRI's opponents touted Bouchard's opposition every chance they could get."
    "This looks bad on Bouchard who is trying to rewrite his own history," writes Kobus.
    The Bouchard camp responded to the tempest by saying the candidate "has a long record of standing against racial discrimination. In 2006 he fully supported the idea of the affirmative action amendment, but believed there were problems with the language that should have been redone."
    It was the politically correct thing to do. But for a pol now selling himself as a fighter for new ideas, it rings hollow for Republicans. And Clinton-esque answers in campaign interviews only compound the problem.
    Henry Payne is editor of The Michigan View.

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    Related how?

    This is related how to OC or RKBA how?

    Seems right to work and racial discrimination oriented.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapeshot View Post
    This is related how to OC or RKBA how?

    Seems right to work and racial discrimination oriented.
    The good sheriff is running as a RTKBA candidate for governor in MI.
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    this is not a particularly good state to be an anti-union candidate.
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    Keep it on topic

    KEEP IT ON-TOPIC: This is not a general discussion web site - even the thread for "general discussions" must be fairly related to open carry, firearms and gun rights. Please police your own posts before posting them and help keep OCDO strong and focused.

    It is one thing to mention politics in a thread when it is relative, but to start a thread that has nothing to do with OC is inappropriate IMHO. You have started other threads that were politically motivated if memory serves correctly, you are a HUGE Mike Cox supporter, but that does not mean you should trash other candidates on their views, at least not when they have nothing to do with OCDO. I thought I would let my voice be herd on this issue before this thread is locked, which I hope it does since it is wildly inappropriate.

    Here are just a few of your threads started that had to do with only politics and nothing to do with OCDO.!

    And no this is not all of your threads that are completely off topic and about politics, this is just a handful. I am also a member of this group, I also collected signatures for a candidate for govenor, but did you see me on this forum all the time advertising for him? No. I did not, because it was not appropriate to do so, in fact I never once stated a thread, or shoved my opinion down everyone Else's neck. It is not the right place, take it somewhere else.

    I am not trying to be rude, only fair, people come here to read about firearm rights, and OC, not to read about someones personal views on politics, and listen to someone bash a good man, a Sheriff in this great state. Its sickening, does Mike Cox know that you are on here representing him? Does he approve?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eastmeyers View Post
    KEEP IT ON-TOPIC: This is not a general discussion web site - even the thread for "general discussions" must be fairly related to open carry, firearms and gun rights. Please police your own posts before posting them and help keep OCDO strong and focused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastmeyers View Post
    SNIP KEEP IT ON-TOPIC: This is not a general discussion web site...
    Yeah. Especially when I'm expecting a story about another very professional cop who NDs into his occupied shoe. Dagnabit, I kept readin' and kept readin' looking for the ND. Musta read 1/3 of the story before I figured out I wasn't gonna hear about no ND.

    Another thread title ambush.

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