In the interest of being a good law abiding citizen I recently researched the statutes regarding the open carry of firearms in my local area (Whiteman AFB, Warrensburg, Lee Summit, Independence, Sedalia, Kansas City, MO) and called the sheriff's office with some follow-up questions. I was informed that although the county has no special restrictions there may be some laws that they weren't familiar with in the cities themselves. Also, they noted that they preferred the members of their office were the only ones that armed themselves publicly. I asked if the deputy I talked to personally knew what the specific rules in those cities were. He said that most of them operated pretty much parallel to the county's laws, but Kansas City and Sedalia prohibited OC entirely. With his previous comment, I wonder if that statement is 100% accurate. Anybody with significant experience have any information that may shed some light? Anything at all about the area is useful. I'm not an attorney or a cop, but I need to make sure I'm right.