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Thread: Afghanistan? The 'war' is right here, right now: The Crab Creek incident

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    Afghanistan? The 'war' is right here, right now: The Crab Creek incident

    Afghanistan? The 'war' is right here, right now

    ... Garcia Meraz did not have a fishing license, so McGary started escorting the teen back to his car. Apparently he heard something “clinking” in the suspect’s pocket, ordered him to stop and in a flash, Garcia Meraz came up with a .45-caliber handgun. Despite this state’s statute that allows unlicensed concealed carry of a handgun while engaged in legitimate outdoor activities, including fishing, nobody is likely to lose money betting that this kid was not legally-armed.

    Or try this;

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    Good article Dave.

    In answer to the question "What laws worked?", the laws allowing the arrest and detainment of BGs carrying and shooting irresponsibly.
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    I'm glad the article mentioned that BG will get their hands on guns no matter what. I was about to get upset with the article talking about relaxed gun laws.

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    9.41.060 lawfull activity!!!

    he wasnt lawfully fishing.,..
    he didnt have a license!!
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    so just to get this strait in my head...
    1. these two were in fact illegals
    2. fishing without a license
    3. concealing a handgun
    4. pulled said handgun on a fish and game officer
    5. ran away from said officer
    6. got into a shootout.
    7. and will probably get a "slap on the wrist" since this stae has no balls to follow suit with arizona to get rid of said illegals

    do have this right? yeah, more gun laws will change a WHOLE lot. *rolls eyes*

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    I've said this before .. .. ..

    I can't speak for the others around here .. .. .. Thanks for coming in today, I appreciate your work !

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