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Thread: Cover story in Harpers

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    Cover story in Harpers

    The cover story in this month's Harpers magazine, although mostly about concealed carry, also discusses OC. Especially given the magazine's liberal bent, I thought the article presented most facts fairly. As a good liberal, the author disdains the conservatism and "fear" of crime and Obama by gun owners. He opposes OC, but at least it's for an arguably logical reason (fear of anti-2A backlash) instead of the usual hoplophobia. In he end, though, he decides not to continue carrying because he says he prefers going thru life in Condition White. At least he's up-front and admits he's choosing to be a sheep.

    The online article is behind the firewall at

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    I like how he also mentioned not knowing CPR either...and not seeming to care. So, basically, it doesn't seem like he minds not being able to help a fellow citizen out, whether it be a heart attack or if some old lady is getting mugged. Oh, and people in condition yellow don't like art?! Huh? Sure do love whistling away in lala land though! So fun.

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