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Thread: First encounter with Centennial PD

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    First encounter with Centennial PD

    Got pulled over on the I-25 at Dry Creek for speeding. As I'm making my way to the shoulder, I'm thinking, oh man my Glock 29 is holstered OC right above my wallet. I know I'm completely legal , but you never know how things are going to go.
    The officer walks up with a friendly attitude and says he pulled me over for 80 in the 65 and asks for drivers lic., reg., and insu., I said officer it will be my pleasure BUT.... I just want you to know I an wearing my Glock 29 and I have to reach right past it to get my wallet and I want you to know, as I'd hate to have my brains scattered all over the inside of the car because we had a miss understanding. My wife would be really pissed about the mess in her new car.
    He smile and laughed and asked why I carry and do I have a permit? I said I don't have a permit and I'm Open Carry.
    He says "OC very good. Would you just tell me where the weapon is please?" I told him, on my belt at my right kidney, just above my wallet. He says "Thanks for letting me know, go ahead and get your wallet" and smiles. As I reached for my wallet, I was watching his body language. He remained relaxed, didn't move his hand any closer to his weapon and said thank you when I gave him the documents.
    He did cite me for the speeding, but knocked it down to 74 in a 65 so it would only be a 1 pointer. I'm sure he ran the plate and my DL number, but he didn't do the loooonnnngggg, put me through the mill check. There was not another word spoken about my weapon, never asked to see it, never asked to disarm me and I didn't get the "EYE ROLL" many of us know so well when we say "Open Carry"
    Granted, I was completely legal and well within my rights. But this guy was more than polite and as long as he knew my weapon was there, it was a NON - ISSUE. It was also the WAY he said "OC very good" He was comfortable.

    This is the way it's suppose to go!! So a hi-5 to Centennial PD

    BTW ---- My brother from Kalafornia was in the passengers seat. He was dumb struck about the whole thing and is ready to move here.

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    Awesome encounter! He seems like a good cop. I had my first run-in recently as well and the cop was even cracking jokes about me carrying a 9mm. Also, if your brother moves out of the PRK is he going to join the ranks of Colorado OC'ers?

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    Great OC

    Awesome, the Centennial and Lone Tree PD's are pretty cool about it along with the State Police that patrol that area. They have stepped up enforcement from Ridgeview up to Bellevue on I-25 due to the number of accidents along this stretch. I set the Cruise Control at 65 thru this area every day and make sure seatbelt is fastened and gun is secure in my holster...

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