Last week ,as I always do , had a date with my beloved wife, and decided to go to a mexican restaurant, and a waitress came and said very soft. what kind of gun is that ? I forgot I was O.Cing. I told her about it and she said that in México she was a good shooter, whith her dad guns, but she did not know it is ok to O.C. in Boise, I explained it to her and by this time there was a man and we had a good chat about it, most hispanics own guns here in Boise, and I was wondering if maybe some day I can start a hispanic O.C. from there we went to Shopko and looking for a gift for our son in law, and the manager came to help us to find what Yolanda wanted, we founded, and he saw my gun and we started a very friendly chat, and he and some of his friends will come to the meetings, he has to do something in mack Call ( spelling is Bad) but he think he can be in time for the meeting, I have his e mail and I am going to keep him inform, I do not know why is nothing in the O.C. page or in the Facebook, somebody needs to do something if we want to grow, I am doing my part, I hope everybody does their part, well keep packing.