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Thread: Press Gazette 'Cyber Saturday: The reluctant gun owner' Sonia Wolff, LATimes novelist

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    Press Gazette 'Cyber Saturday: The reluctant gun owner' Sonia Wolff, LATimes novelist

    Quote Originally Posted by bathetic EXCERPT
    When he returned, my education about guns began: He had ordered the shotgun, and could pick it up after a 10-day waiting period, during which he would be screened for criminal activity or mental disability.
    California claptrap presented for Wisconsin consumption. PHUI!

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    After reading this article I wonder just how wise it is for those two to own anything more than a kitchen knife. I commend them for wanting to protect themselves, but I also believe they need to become comfortable with, and around firearms. This woman sounds like she's still very unsure about having a gun in the house. She needs to curb her inner fears.

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    i usually fear not having enough guns in the house!

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    I think this article is quite revealing on how differently people think of the supposed "burden of responsibility" that owning a gun brings. I believe that owning a gun is indeed a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. The wife in the story has macabre visions in her mind of the possibilities that using a gun on a fellow human may bring. There isn't anything wrong with this. She just needs to realize it's better to have a gun for self-defense and never have a need for it than to have a need for a gun for self-defense and not have one.

    The woman was even smart enough to realize that she may not be capable of operating the shotgun and even went as far as to test several different handguns at a range before deciding. Kudos to her.
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