There seem to be lots of questions (and myths) flying around about the new Arizona laws on this forum. Here are some resources for finding out about Arizona's gun laws.

The first is "Legal Issues Relating to the use of Deadly Force" - this is prepared for the AZ Department of Public Safety (DPS), the folks who issue the CCW permits. This is required reading for all CCW instructors and it is the resource they must use when teaching their class. The author, Mike Anthony, is an attorney and knows what he is talking about. It's probably the best free resource around. I highly recommend it:

Second, look at the laws. Language from the bills passed in the 2010 session have already been incorporated into the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS). The Constitutional Carry language has been incorporated into ARS 13-3102: . You won't find any language "granting" discreet carry without a permit. What changed was the elimination of prohibitions and penalties for carrying discreetly without a permit.

The revised CCW laws can be found in ARS 13-3112: . Please note the changes in ARS 13-3112.E.6 regarding alternative methods of meeting the training requirements. Now military service or an NRA pistol class qualifies for a permit.

The Restaurant Carry language is in ARS 4.229. A CCW permit is still required.

By the way, how many of you caught the fact that failure to have a permit on you (when required) is now only a civil penalty (no longer a crime)?