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Thread: Sarah Palin endorses Rita Meyer, gubernatorial candidate that flip flopped

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    Sarah Palin endorses Rita Meyer, gubernatorial candidate that flip flopped

    Sarah Palin's latest endorsement names Wyoming gubernatorial candidate Rita Meyer as her next Mama Grizzly, her official endorsement rings with “warm and fuzzy” words of praise, even calls her a straight shooter.

    This has infuriated many Wyoming residents…

    Rita Meyer’s rhetoric sounds no different than that of current Governor Dave Fredenthal, and for some of you “out of state” readers, Freudenthal endorsed Obama and recently applied for early monies under the Obama health care act.

    Here's tha scary part--
    Rita Meyer can’t make up her own mind about Obama-Care and has flip-flopped on more than one issue, so it’s hard to know where she really stands, this is the classic “follow the political winds” behavior displayed by many politicians.

    Since Rita Meyer has attacked the only candidate that speaks about “smaller and accountable” government, this brings us to this…”I would not trust Meyer with the Second Amendment since the path to big government always brings more gun control".

    As far as Sarah Palin, why would she endorse a candidate that has been vague about the push-back of Obama-Care, is it just because she’s a woman?

    Sarah Palin failed to confirm the issues “on the ground” in Wyoming, instead she ran with a "teleprompter - telecommuter style" of politics that Wyomingites don’t appreciate.

    Palin overlooked the issues including the fact that Wyoming is a state with only 530,000 people, 51,000 government employees and a budget that has tripled since Freudenthal has been in office, all while supporting Rita Meyer, a candidate that is either oblivious to the truth or longs for big government.

    "Palin may be able to see Russia from Alaska, but she certainly can’t see Wyoming"

    Sarah Palin’s actions prove she has become another cog in the “Establishment” and from the view here in Wyoming it looks like Palin has turned into a Turn-Coat.

    But you shouldn’t be surprised after Palin’s endorsement of the “Grand Poobah” of Progressive-Republicans Senator John McCain, despite the fact it would alienate here own followers.

    Rita Meyer endorsement..Just politics as usual...

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    This leads me to ask for some help in finding info on the candidates in the Wyoming gubernatorial election and the candidates for the assembly.

    Does anyone know of any good sources with info on what these people have done and what their stances are? All Ive been able to find just gives general info on them.

    Thank you!

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    The right Governor for Wyoming

    In answer to many folks questions on "who to vote for for Governor" I submit Ron Micheli's website for review. Check Micheli against all the other candidates. Micheli is the most pro-liberty, pro-gun candidate running. He was the only candidate to show up at the Rifle Run in Newcastle.
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