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Thread: VCDL at the Ag Fair.

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    VCDL at the Ag Fair.

    Stopped by the Louisa Ag Fair today and saw a lot of GSL stickers every where!!! It was nice to see VCDL outside of the Gun Show scene and from what I hear they were well received. Besides, I can't think of anything that goes better than livestock, tractors, trucks, and guns....well maybe add in some good BBQ to top it off!!

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    Didn't see your thread until after I posted this:

    Yes, a fun time had by most.

    stay safe.

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    I worked the booth Friday & Saturday.

    We signed up some new members and got 4 pages of new subscribers to the VA Alert.

    When I walked into the place Friday, it already looked like a Lobby Day event with a sea of orange stickers (good job, Bruce).

    People sought out the booth to get one, as they saw everyone else wearing them.

    Signed up the mayor to the Alert, as well as a deputy sheriff from a nearby county, who appeared to be on our side.

    Kudos to Brandy, the EM here, for getting this booth.

    I saw more action here than at most of the gun shows I've done.

    Folks were walking around with time to talk, as opposed to being on a buying mission.

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