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Thread: OC with a BUG

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    OC with a BUG

    How many of you guys Open Carry with a Back -up Gun? I carry my OC gun on my right hip, and carry a TCP .380 in my left pocket. I know that in the rare chance someone violently tries to remove my weapon from the holster, I can resist with my right hand (Push the weapon Down into the holster) and draw with my left, run my hand along my belly and fire at the attacker. I'm a pretty small guy, and I know if some big thug starts snatching for my gun I wont be able to fight him off without the aid of the tool he now has half possession of. Of course Situational Awareness is key, but it is not 100% reliable either.
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    You are only paranoid until something happens that resembles what you feared would happen. Then you are psychic.

    Some folks say their uber-tactical pocket knife is for that situation. Others say they use harsh words to good effect.

    Like the Boy Scouts, I try to be prepared.

    stay safe.

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    I prefer to carry a full size gun on my hip and a smaller BUG in my pocket. (both 45acp)

    My favorite BUG is the Taurus PT145 45acp 10+1. I vary my OC gun depending on weather, mood, attire. (Sig, H&K, Para, Colt, etc)

    Some people strongly believe that having extra magazines is better than having an extra gun. (faster to change a mag than draw a separate gun) I like the extra gun for the reason you mentioned as well as you can arm a friendly/family if the need arises and better the odds. Also if you have a malfunction with your primary gun a second gun is nice to have.

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