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Thread: Question on Carry in "No Firearms" area

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    Question on Carry in "No Firearms" area

    I've read the NC statutes on where I can carry and cannot carry and am clear on those... for the most part. But, one question has lodged itself in my head and I've not been able to find the answer as of yet. Apparently my Search-Fu is not good enough to find an answer here.

    It pertains to carrying when on secondary school grounds. If I am OC and need to pick up my child at the local school, how do I handle this? I'm not getting out of my vehicle, just pulling into the lot and waiting for a few minutes until he comes out.

    I cannot place my gun in the glove compartment (still awaiting my CCP) as it's now concealed, plus I'd still have a gun on school premises.

    Is the only solution to stop back at home to disarm prior to entering school grounds, or is there another way to remain in compliance with the law?

    Thanks for the help.

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    According to my CC instructor, it would be illegal anywhere in the vehicle.

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    here is the link

    14‑269.2. Weapons on campus or other educational property
    its long so I did not copy and paste it all.

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    Stupid Law.

    This law needs to be changed/repealed. It does absolutely nothing to make students & staff safer. Some states have provisions that allow one to still keep a firearm in the vehicle when dropping off or picking up students - that would be a nice start, since I don't see us adopting Utah's laws any time soon.

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