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Thread: Video Firearms and Personal Protection

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    Video Firearms and Personal Protection

    I know, haven't posted in a long time, but its a long journey, and I have work to do.
    Firearms and Personal Defense [Jeff Cooper]
    Very informative discussion on the use of firearms, having the right mindset, and being in control.
    Our Constitution is discussed, and a few good chuckels, on a serious matter.
    Starts of boring, some Question hard to hear ,but is loaded with great commentary.
    Learn and Enjoy.

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    I'm largely opposed to his 2 handed sight picture methods, especially for those who can't practice absolutely no less than once per week. But he was a great writer, and a great philosopher.

    I got annoyed when he talked about how "modern" pistol techniques were only developed after WWII. Rex Applegate and others have gone great lengths to prove the threat focused point shooting is vastly more effective for more realistic levels of practice at realistic distances from aggressors. Point shooting has been killing people swiftly and effectively since the pistol was invented.The percentages of missed shots by police are serious proof the fallacy of perfect stance 2 handed sight picture shooting, or as I call it, anti instinct shooting. It's only ideal if you have tons of money and time to practice it.

    So, I would say that even though his ideas have probably cost hundreds and perhaps thousands of people their lives, he left a good legacy. His books, his G&A articles, Gunsight, you can do far worse for leaving a legacy. As much as I disagreed with him, I miss his insightful take on social issues, and he probably influenced me a lot when I was a teenager.

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