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Thread: New to the site, I'm interested in OC

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    New to the site, I'm interested in OC


    I've been really interested in doing OC lately so I began researching the laws of Louisiana and found myself here. This is a great forum with great user interaction and assistance. I live in the Covington area and have heard horror stories of the local St. Tammany PD causing much grief with people who OC.

    Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this? I am considering OC asI just don't have the time to go through CC classes and such right now.

    Also for the sake of fun discussion, I pack a Ruger GP100 .357 in Stainless Steele with 6" barrel.

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    It gets easier with experience. Know the facts, laws, arm yourself with knowledge.Conduct yourself accordingly and always take the high road. Remember to make an omlette...............

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    Welcome to OCDO. Also check out LOCAL at . If you can make it to the meeting Wednesday evening it would be great to meet you.

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