First off i plan to oc in wv so this is somewhat relevant

I have been saving for a house and realized that i would be happier continueing to sublet and put the house money towards acrege in wv

im lookinh for a good resource/forum to answer some questions
an am having trouble findinh relrvant info

my list of wants (pretty obvious why a house in nova will satisfy)

100-150 acres - variable based on neighbors and their usage but want space

abilty to shoot on property on a self constructed low budget range (what are wv discharge
laws - will i need approval to shoot alot on property?)

hunting obviously

questions about building/code. Is wv strict on self built cabins? Eventually if
i decide to build something and get well/septic/electricity
does the zoning matter?

Need to be 2-3hrs max from manassas so i can go on weekends

financing/residency issues
my timeframe is ~2 years and i will
have a decent ~50k downpayment

Is it even possible to finance a 150k property with a big downpayment or do i need to get
something with a house on it and get a home loan (but
then a much smaller propert)

if there is no inspection compliant
house on property can i still claim it as my
residence? So i can move
around subletting near work and
stay there on weekends?

So any input or forum recomendations? Anything im missing?