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Thread: Open Carry in Arches National Park

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    Open Carry in Arches National Park

    I'm cross posting this from UtahConcealedCarry for all my friends:
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    My wife and I went to Moab a few weeks ago to spend some time in Arches and Canyonlands national park. The new carry rule was fresh in my mind but Arches and Canyonlands are big attractions and visited by people from several anti-gun states and some European countries. California seemed the most prevalent based solely on nothing but the license plates I noticed. I decided to Open Carry. (Okay I confess I didn't open carry all the time there were some incidents where I very casually flipped my too short, too tight, obviously have a gun t-shirt over it. There was also a few moments I didn't carry at all)

    In large part I report it was uneventful I didn't get any remarks from individuals that had taken our picture or any indication anyone had really noticed it at all. There was one really interesting moment which I knew was coming. We had stopped by balancing rock during a busy moment where we barely got a parking spot. We didn't feel like hiking up there so we asked a couple walking back to take our picture. They did so nicely and then asked me to take theirs handing me their camera. I moved back to the middle of the parking lot driveway and squatted down to take their picture (Can't help I'm too tall). So I'm there, my gun very visibly on my right side standing out against my brown geocaching shirt, facing the inlet to the strip of parking lot there, and everybody coming. Well you see a guy squat down and you kinda take notice. I stood up and heard nothing which I thought was odd. I was sure I was going to get called out by someone. I handed the camera back to the nice couple. They verified it looked okay we said thank you and shook hands. My wife and I started walking to the car and all of a sudden I heard:

    "Whaddya got a..." very loudly and in my direction. The guy stopped mid sentence when I turned around I had to stop from busting up laughing. It was a tall guy just watching me casually and an individual I assume was his wife. What made me laugh was her. She was shorter and a slightly bigger individual with black frizzy poof hair (no better way to describe it) with her head cocked to the right and her mouth gawked open. She sat there in that position just staring at me in that dumbfounded look. Since he didn't finish his sentence (I wonder if his wife stopped him) I just smiled at them, still trying not to laugh, and turned back to get in my car. I get in, my wife and I buckled up, I turn on the car and check my rear view mirror. She was in THE EXACT SAME POSITION still staring while her husband had lost interest (or at least the interest of staring at two tourists) I backed out slowly, giving a good view of license plate, and continued onward farther into the park I saw her still staring as I continued down the hill.. I was half excited to see how well the Rangers have been trained but alas she either did not report it or they didn't care and told her it was legal (I hope!).

    All in all it was fun trip and hopefully those that noticed me got a good experience of a young lady and her husband, who sits all day at a desk, who in addition to trying to breathe also had a gun on his hip. (and didn't do anything about it)

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    Well done.

    It is always good to preach the 2nd Amendment by action.
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