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Thread: Kcdl?

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    Ok, so I admit to being a little jealous. VA gets a "citizen's defense league". What do you all think--sure, it would be nice to have one in KY, but is there a market for such a group here?

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    I would have to read up on what the defense league was all about, but on it's face value and what little i know of it, i would say it is a good thing for any state.
    "To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them."
    - George Mason

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    I'm usually in lock step with most everything you write, gutshot, but this time I'm going to have to disagree about parts of your post. I am of the opinion that in Kentucky we don't have the problems that Virginia and Pennsylvania have with law enforcement. You have an occassional problem in the Commonwealth but overall we have very little.

    In VA. there are problems in Northern VA and little else around the state. In Penn. most of their problems come from Philadelphia and Pittsburg and little anywhere else. I think that maybe we have become comfortable because we have such a great place to live where no one wants to interfere with our rights to carry openly or concealed. I have carried all over the Commonwealth and have had only two incidents that I would consider a problem. Knowing the law and my rights kept everybody honest and the situations were quickly resolved and I went on my way.

    Now, would I like to see changes? Yes! I would like to be able to carry on college campus as a student and not face disciplinary actions. I would like to have an Alaska style conceal carry. No license needed. These things need a good group to promote. But, we need a leader, as do all grassroots politcal groups. When you look at VCDL or PAFOA you see they have leadership that holds it all together. Gutshot, maybe thats you or langzaiguy it maybe you. If you do form some group I will help as long as we don't follow the failure of KC3
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