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Thread: WISCONSIN 2nd Congressional District Election

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    Exclamation WISCONSIN 2nd Congressional District Election

    Up for election is Tammy Baldwin's seat in the congress. This is for the 2nd district. As you know Congresswoman Baldwin is as far left liberal as Russ Feingold is so we need to unseat her. She is anti gun and was one of the many that stood up and gave the El Presidente of Mexico a standing ovation after his speech. This in and of it's own merit is in my opinion Anti-American. The best cantidate for the 2nd congressional election is Peter Theron. I would ask anyone here that lives in the Wisconsin 2nd district to talk him up or we will have the same old same old.

    He is PRO 2nd Amendment and here is his website.

    moderators if this is not in the correct place move or delete, my feelings will not be hurt but indirectly this is a OC/CC issue since Tammy is Anti Gun period.....
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