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Thread: OCing with your children, public reactions?

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    OCing with your children, public reactions?

    I've noticed that I never get approached or questioned period when OCing while I'm out with my kids. On the other hand people comment (usually very approvingly) quite often when I OC alone.

    What are other OCers experiencing while OC with their children?

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    I have two teenage daughters....

    and I have never had any issues, with or without them.
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    I have 3 daughters and have never had any problems with or without them around.
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    Never a prob. With or without.

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    I actually make it a point to oc when I'm out with my wife and 4 year old girl. I think it shows the less informed that we are normal people with families. This particular method in my opinion can go a long way toward showing people the truth about oc. We actually discussed this at the L.O.C.A.L. meeting last night. I've never been questioned or had problems with the family.

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    Can't comment on carry with kids, but 99% of the time when I'm OCing I'm with my wife, and like someone else says I get little to no reaction of any sort. The few interactions I have had, I've nearly always been alone, and usually positive. Tho someone did call the sheriff on me once,
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    Never really though about it until now but I have to say I rarely get a comment when im with the wife and kid. Most comments do happen while im alone. All three times Ive had encounters with LEO at manito park in spokane i have had my family with me.

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    I have four kids so I think people notice the kids more than my sidearm. I have not had any issues. You never know though, but even going to places like PCC I have had no issues.
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    I OC with my grandkids (now 5 & 7) and have never had any comments, but I've never had a comment when I'm alone either.

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