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Thread: Looking for a walking / jogging set up

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    Looking for a walking / jogging set up

    I have a couple of heavy, full frame autos that just won't do for jogging or a spirited walk. I'm looking for anyone who has found a comfortable piece / rig for running. I run both isolated trails and after dark in higher crime areas and wish I could comfortably carry at the same time. I'm thinking of an LCP or the like, but mostly interested in opinions on the holster arrangement. How can I strap a piece when I'm wearing running shorts?

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    I have one of those 5.11 tactical holster shirts. I've never used it for working out, but I'm sure it would work out pretty well. I would keep something like a Keltec PF9 or something like that one one side, and extra mags on the other.
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    I used to run with a north american arms .22 magnum revolver.

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    didn't know if you meant canceled or open. i know of a few officers that have to carry while they jog/run. most like rigs that don't flop around. since your legs are doing the locomotion, i like something that stays with the body, like maybe a old chest holster

    here are a couple of ideas
    i like this one because it stays to you upper body

    in this hot weather i am carrying a 380 in a iwb holster but i have noticed the sweat makes a white glaze(?), that i have to clean off every day

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