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Thread: What the local news won't tell you about this shooting...

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    What the local news won't tell you about this shooting...

    There was a shooting last night. Just saying it's in Walworth Co., WI doesn't mean much to me, but the victim ended up in the front yard of a good friend of mine.

    The lady they interviewed who "tried to help" said, "He said to the people who owned the property, 'I just got shot.'"

    The people that owned the property are friends of mine. My friend was at work, but her husband and brother were home. The brother applied pressure to the victim's wound, pistol on hip, while the husband helped calm the kids, who saw everything that was going on.

    Funny how the news would interview a lady who wasn't even there, but not the people that actually helped.

    Here's my thought on it.

    The husband has a ton of tattoos and is a bigger guy with a big beard and really long hair. He looks like your typical biker gang member, but he's one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet. The brother had his Glock holstered on his side, as he always does.

    Anyways, they're moving next week (something they've been looking forward to for months). Kind of a crazy event to happen in their last week there.

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    I grew up in Delavan and am very familiar with the area.

    The one thing that this makes continually apparent to me is that once again, NO ONE could claim there is a place in Wisconsin where its not a good safety measure to carry for self defense.

    Delavan is quiet place but crime pops up in the places you least expect it.

    Carrying for protection is not paranoid. Its smart. Its safe, and its those who value life who do so. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is not affiliated with or these web forums. Questions about discussion forum policy or forum moderation should be directed to the owners of not Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wisconsin Carry, Inc. - Chairman View Post
    I grew up in Delavan and am very familiar with the area.
    Yep. Don't forget the double murder downtown Delavan a year or two ago.

    Had a car stereo stolen from my car a couple weeks ago in Sugar Creek. In my driveway, car unlocked, keys in ignition. Kinda pisses me off!

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