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Thread: Mark Neumann town hall meeting

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    Mark Neumann town hall meeting

    Mr. Neumann will be holding a town hall meeting Mondahy Augs, 9. 2010, 6:30 P M at the Sheraton Milw, Brookfield Hotel.

    375 South Moorland Road
    Brookfield, WI.
    Phone, 1-262-364-1100

    Please check the ready board for the room number, because they don't know how many people are going to show up as of yet..

    I am going an plan on Open Carrying as well.
    Hello Mr. Clark, Good news I just got off the phone with Mr. Peter Leiby [ General Manager ] for the Sheraton, Everything is good to go, The Sheraton will allow Open Carry for the Mark Neuwmann Town Hall Meeting..

    He also inform me the Bar would be off Limits. I would verger a guess that talking to the Brookfield Police gave him the doe's an don't on what we could, an could not do..

    Mr. Leiby was quite friendly an pleasant to talk too, He did explain to me again that this was all new to him in reguards to open carrying at the Sheraton.I can see to a degree his point about finding out about his Corporation legal stand on this an the doe's an don'ts...

    I am really looking forward to this Town Hall Meeting now more then ever, I do plan on thanking Mr.Leiby when I see him.

    Thank You for all your help an guideness this afternoon, I really learn alot from it.

    Gary C. Malachowski/ Range Rat

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    An incident free open carry townhall will be a feather in Neumann's cap and a great recommendation for his election.

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