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Thread: Waiting for others

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    Waiting for others

    This topic has been spawned on a thread wherein a number of posters were either requesting a meet up or offering to attend if there is a meet up for the purpose of open carry. I dont think we should further detract from the orginal threads subject. The link to that thread follows;

    Quote Originally Posted by ConditionThree View Post
    I need some help understanding something. There appears to be some support for UOC, but it seems that it stops at the exact point where confidence ends and the risk of some kind of negative encounter begins. Am I to understand that there are members here (more particularly in the vicinity of Long Beach) that would like to meet in the relative safety of a group, but would rather remain on the sidelines than to put their feet to their beliefs as a solo open carrier?

    This dependency upon numbers or for others to organize or give direction gives me (and probably others) the impression that this need for reassurance or acceptance more important than carrying for self defense or political speech. If that is an actuality rather than just a misconception of an observer, I can tell you- this movement doesnt need that. Am I hitting a nerve with anyone yet?

    What California open carry does need is individuals intrepid enough to stand on their own, who do not require others to do for them what they ought to be doing for themselves- That means getting out there and hitting the pavement in spite of your misplaced fears and being the example for your community that gunowners arent scary camo-wearing hayseeds.

    Some of us have paid a dear price in order educate forum readers, law enforcement, and various naysayers. I would appreciate it if that isnt put to waste because of this unfounded need to wait for a 'meet up' or for someone to organize a one-time event for the purposes of shock and awe. If you believe, and have the means, go and do it- permission is not required and you dont need a date and time to schedule.

    I think we all have a reason to be armed- and we should use that reason to integrate our means of self defense into our routine- this natural demonstration is what the public really needs to see... not a well populated social event to reassure ourselves of our position.
    Quote Originally Posted by MarkBofRAdvocate View Post
    Condition Three:

    On a philosophical plane, I agree with you--nuff said on that plane of thought.

    On a reality plane of thought, I disagree.

    Lets use me as an example. I made some decisions in my life that lead me to my current financial situation. I married a blood-sucking hateful person who feels that I owe her to this day. I bought into the idea that marriage is for life (bulls..t!) I now pay spousal support to a woman who still sits on the sofa and eats ice cream all day.

    Another bad decision: I did not get a professional degree from a prestiguous institution.

    I invested wisely, but my biggest mistake (x-wife) took that from me with the help of our legal system.

    I have made some other costly mistakes (nothing illegal).

    My point is:

    I don't have the money or the time to defend myself in court. Our court system is similar to gambling. I am willing to OC in organized groups and to communicate with police chiefs and Sheriffs. And, I have done so.

    I can't rely on charity or a foundation for defense money. Mark's money-well has run dry.

    Please except that some of us don't have $500 to purchase a gun or to pay a lawyer for defense costs. I certainly don't have a million dollars set aside for a SCOTUS ruling. Obamanomics has seriously crimped my ability to earn money. I have been squeezed from both sides.

    Sorry! Can I be helpful in other ways?

    Also, single issue people who furvently demand that others follow their dogma don't get many followers to help promote their just cause. Tactical comprimise is always neccessary.

    Quote Originally Posted by PincheOgro1 View Post
    The first time I open carried, I went solo. I went to a gun show. I got a ration of $%#@ about it in here.

    I have wanted to attend one of the "meetup's" planned in here, but none so far, have coincided with my days off. Where I live there are many schools. I can't walk off my property with a holstered gun W/O a 626.9 violation.

    Of course, I dont know if I am understanding this K-12 crap correctly. If I search for K-12 schools NONE come up for my area, but there is a high school about 1/4 mile from my house.

    I have used K12, K-12, and variations of that to search. If I search "all" schools everything comes up. There is a new school not listed 900 ft from my house. There are no signs in front of it, nothing stating it is a school, but it looks like a school and my wife has said it is a kindergarten.

    I am basically afraid, now, to carry for fear of being arrested. I am a 18 wheel truck driver and If I get charged with a felony, I lose my livelyhood..
    Dick Heller and Otis McDonald couldnt afford to take a case all the way to the Supreme Court. They did however, have standing in their respective cases. Because of these two plantiffs the landscape of gunownership in the U.S. has changed, especially here in California. It is possible to build on this through solo and small group open carry.

    I do not believe that waiting for someone to organize a large group for UOC will do anything to reduce the risk of arrest or other legal issues. I believe if you are in violation of a law, you will be arrested whether there are one of you or if you are accompanied by 50 internet strangers who subscribe to this form of carry.

    If you want to meet someone to explore open carry- great. Set a date and time and just go do it. I believe if everyone waited for someone else to organize an open carry meet, this forum would consist of two threads. The first would be titled " Welcome" and the other would be titled "Is there anyone planning on OCing in California?"

    I believe there are some that shouldnt open carry- those who do not have the funds for bail in the event that they are arrested, those who have not spent enough time researching and educating themselves, those who will not or cannot articulate reasonable answers to questions that police, onlookers, or detractors might raise, and those that will not obey the law. If you can get past all that, then stop waiting for someone to assuage your fears with the false safety of some organized coffee clatch with people you dont know.

    We may have as little as six months- make the best of it.
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    I could not agree more. I carry every place any time I can! With my wife and kids. For our protection.

    I do have to say if a meet up helps on the first outing go for it. If a meet up lets you meet new friends go for it. A group of people meeting up for lunch out in public IS normal. Meeting out in public for lunch with friends carrying guns IS NORMAL.

    Lets not ONLY carry at meet ups. But every day. Every place. At all times.
    This country will be MUCH safer because of it.

    Good job ConditionThree

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    I have an idea on this, and I'll get back to you before the month is out.

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    I have been OC ing everyday for the last week and a half. I've been to the bank, been to a bar, rode my motorcycle back and forth all on my own. I walked right by LAPD without incident. Most people don't even notice. Those that do ask me why I carry? I tell them "because I want to". I don't need to go into detail about why I do because I don't owe anyone an explanation about how I live my life. When they ask me if I have a permit I tell them I don't need one. When they ask me what right do I have I tell them it's the one I'm born with. When they ask how they can do the same I give them this website. Knowledge is power. I have knowledge so I have power And I wear it proudly on my hips.

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