A resident of Virginia and a regular Open Carrier, I had some business to take care of in Westminster, MD yesterday. My 11 year old Granddaughter was in tow.

Naturally, my "piece" was hidden all the time I was in Maryland.

After taking care of my business, we decided to go home via Rt 15...Point of Rocks...Leesburg; but thought a side trip via Gettysburg and the St Elizbeth Ann Seton Shrine in Emmittsburg would be fun.

Taking the scenic route via Rt 97, my granddaughter had her nose buried in some electronics game and had no idea we had crossed into Pennsylvania; but she sure noticed the McDonalds in Littlestown.

While eating, a young, well dressed gentleman came in and ordered; he was open carrying.

My granddaughter said: "Poppi, I thought you couldn't carry a gun in Maryland!"

I said: "Welcome back to the USA!"