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Thread: Thought the San Diego Tea Party would be a "safe place to UOC"

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    Thought the San Diego Tea Party would be a "safe place to UOC"!

    Someone with a camera actually interviewed, didn't get a chance to even speak, it was kind of fun watching them go back and forth.

    Turned out this guy was a "rent a cop". Did deal with some real ones shortly there after.

    I noticed the rent a cops were carrying Hi Points, I was carrying a HKUSP. Maybe they felt I had a bigger and better gun. Anyway, all was good.

    Person who pulled a camera runs a radio show which I told her I would be glad to be on btw.


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    Must be a pretty low-rent firm if they can only afford to arm their guys with Hi-Points. Gotta love 9mm's that kick like a .45...

    Edit: Nothing surprising whatsoever from this guy. Completely typical. I truly wish those of you luck who are trying to "change the system", because you are going to need it. People like this guy are the system. You can't change them anymore than a zebra can change his stripes. And they are running the show. As for myself, I am splitting from the whole system altogether.
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