I recently started johnroshek.com as a pro 2A and conservative blog/group.

The purpose of the organization is not only to help educate and promote firearm rights whether it be open or concealed but on occasion to discuss conservative values as well. As of now things are fairly simple, a blog, an events page, and a few other simple pages that are coming soon. We will be hosting various events and seminars, working with conservations and sportsman's clubs and I have hopes for much, much more in the future.

As of now there is no "membership", but help is always welcome. You can subscribe to the blog on the homepage to stay up to date on articles and future events.

This is the only post on this site (other than the Hazel Park picnic thread) I will make regarding the group so that we don't run into the problems and confusion that OCDO.org and MOC, Inc have between their sites.

If you guys like it feel free to subscribe and volunteer if you can. If not, that's ok, thanks for checking it out.
Thanks everyone!